There is a change of CEO at aventron

After nine very successful years at aventron, CEO Antoine Millioud is leaving the company in autumn 2022. The search for a successor has been initiated.

aventron was founded in 2005 as Kleinkraftwerk Birseck (KKB). When Antoine Millioud took over the management of the company in 2013, the consolidated turnover was 11.1 million Swiss francs. The growth of the new aventron was consistently focused on renewable energies. Under Antoine Millioud's leadership, the installed capacity of renewable electricity production has increased tenfold to around 700 megawatts and sales of CHF 120.2 million through the construction and acquisition of solar, hydro and wind plants. This has made aventron the second largest Swiss producer of new renewable energies. In step with its strong growth, aventron has always been profitable and has been able to pay out increasing dividends to its shareholders.

Board of Directors regrets departure

Now Antoine Millioud is leaving the successfully positioned aventron to take on a new challenge. Millioud, who has a profound knowledge of the energy sector, is to become CEO of a leading European solar company. The Board of Directors regrets this decision: "However, we have great understanding for the change and thank Antoine Millioud for his extraordinary commitment to aventron and the successful expansion and establishment of renewable energies," explains Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Conrad Ammann. The Board of Directors has initiated the search for a successor.