Capital increase successfully completed

aventron has successfully completed its capital increase 2022. Cash contributions totalling CHF 60 million were made.

aventron is pursuing a targeted and balanced growth strategy in the area of renewable electricity production using hydro, wind and solar power. In order to achieve its goals, fresh financial resources were raised in the form of equity capital. The general meeting of 21 April 2022 approved the capital increase. This was carried out in compliance with the subscription rights of existing shareholders and was successfully completed on schedule at the end of June. 5,217,391 new registered shares with an issue value of 11.50 Swiss francs (at a nominal value of 1.00 Swiss franc) were subscribed and paid up in cash. This brought aventron a cash inflow of CHF 60 million. The market capitalisation of aventron AG thus reached around CHF 623 million. The pleasing result is a clear sign of confidence in aventron's positioning, development and strategy.

With the ninth capital increase, aventron was able to serve its existing investor base as well as attract new investors. The majority of aventron's long-standing shareholders participated in the capital increase.

The new shares are expected to be tradable for the first time on 15.7.2022 via the OTC-X of the BEKB. aventron is a member of the Top 50 OTC-X Index. All new registered shares of aventron are fully entitled to dividends for the 2022 financial year.